Pricing and Availability

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Join a Group Charter

  • ✔ All transfers on day of departure & disembarkation
  • ✔ Experienced crew & trained chef

  • ✔ All meals, soft drinks, tea & coffee
  • ✔ All guided excursions from the boat
  • ✔ Use of fishing equipment
  • ✔ Complimentary sunset cruise with Willie Cruises

Low as
$900per person/per night

Or Book an Exclusive Charter

To Charter the Kimberley Pearl exclusively for up to 12 guests.


per night

2020 Availability Calendar

See the available dates for your 2020 journey

2020 calendar

2021 Availability Calendar

2021 calendar will be  available soon. Follow our Instagram and stay up to date to our latest news.

2021 calendar

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